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International Education Center
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Rector's Office
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Faculty of Optical Instrumentation

One of the main aims of the faculty is training of highly qualified specialists. The faculty trains specialists, Bachelors and Masters in the field of optical engineering and computer science, engaged in development and operation of information-measuring and tracking optical, optoelectronic and laser devices and systems, as well as information processing and protection systems. The constant growth of confidential information, wide use of various technical properties for its display, processing, storage, transmission and reproduction, emergence of new methods and means of unauthorized access to information have resulted in high demand for our graduates - specialists in organization and technology of information protection.

Optics and optoelectronic instrumentation (or optotechnics) will largely determine the progress in mastering such priority areas of science and technology development and critical technologies as "Advanced weapons, military and special equipment", "Information and telecommunication technologies and electronics",  "Environmental Monitoring", "Aviation and Rocket and Space Technology with New Technical Solutions", "Technologies for High Precision Navigation and Motion Control", "Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis", "Precision and Nanometric Processing, Assembly and Control Technologies". Support of the most modern types of armaments; orientation and navigation in terrestrial and space conditions, including GLONASS system; medical and biomedical equipment; reconnaissance and transportation of natural resources and many others are based on the development of optoelectronic methods and equipment.

Achievements of the FOIST scientific schools in the previous decade alone are reflected in several dozens of monographs, textbooks and manuals, hundreds of articles and presentations at important international forums. These scientific achievements are constantly used in the educational process.



Dean: Torshina Irina Pavlovna
Professor, Doctor of technical sciences

Tel: 8 (499) 261-37-41

E-mail: fop@miigaik.ru

Description of the education programme

Education level: Specialist programme

Education programme: "Electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems for special purposes"
Mode of study: full time

Training period: 5,5 years
Entrance tests: Russian language, mathematics, physics / informatics


The education programme assumes fundamental engineering and design training in the field of optical instrumentation with a specialization aimed at the development of optoelectronic devices and complexes for remote sensing of the Earth and optoelectronic equipment for orientation and navigation of spacecraft.

 Graduates are in demand at enterprises of the space and defense industries.

Education level: Bachelor's programme



Education programme: "Optical engineering Optical engineering"
Mode of study: full time

Training period: 4 years
Entrance tests: Russian language, mathematics, physics / informatics

Training programme: "Laser equipment and laser technologies"
Mode of study: full time

Training period: 4 years
Entrance tests: Russian language, mathematics, physics / informatics


Optical engineering

The area of professional activity includes research, development, preparation and organization of production of optical and optoelectronic devices and systems, the element base of optics (optics, optoelectronic and laser technology), optical and laser technologies for the production and control of optical, optoelectronic elements, devices and systems, materials for their creation. Graduates work in the design and calculation departments of instrument-making enterprises.

Laser equipment and laser technologies
The programme involves engineering and design training in the field of creating laser technology and laser systems for technological purposes. Graduates can work in industries and firms engaged in the development, operation, maintenance and repair of equipment based on the use of lasers, including information transmission and storage systems, information security, medical and technological equipment.

Education level:

Master programme

Education programme: Optical engineering
Master programme "Optoelectronic devices and systems"
Mode of study: full time

Training period: 2 years
Entrance tests: comprehensive exam in the profile of the field of study


The education programme is aimed at training masters specializing in the research and development of optoelectronic devices and systems used in instrumentation, geodesy, construction, remote sensing, medicine, orientation and navigation systems, thermal imaging, military technology and other branches of science and technology, the national economy ... Graduates are in demand in scientific and industrial organizations engaged in the development and operation of optoelectronic devices and systems for the specified purpose