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Applied Science

Scientific and technical, innovative activities and experimental developments of the University include fundamental, applied and exploratory research, as well as experimental design
The following is the basis for choosing the topic of research work in the framework of
the focus (profile) of the postgraduate program:

  • Development of new methods for obtaining, processing and geoinformation analysis of spatiotemporal data for the purpose of rational use of natural resources, effective management of territories and the use of near-Earth space
  • Development of theory, improvement of tools, methods and technologies for obtaining and using spatial and temporal data in the interests of digital transformation of the Russian Federation
  • Development of the theory and methodology of intellectual analysis of spatiotemporal data
  • Development of the theory and methodology of the multifractal approach to thematic decoding of aerospace images to improve the efficiency of territorial management.
  • Improvement of the geoinformation platform for dynamic display of the state of near-Earth space phenomena and objects based on information about physical fields and remote sensing data
  • Improving the accuracy characteristics of terrain images based on improving the accuracy of air-and space-based laser scanning systems
  • Optimization of territorial planning, urban zoning and land management design based on integrated consideration of environmental factors based on remote sensing data
  • Improving the system of information-analytical and coordinate-time support for the formation of a single digital platform for solving the complex tasks of digital transformation of the Russian Federation in the field of territorial management
  • Development of territorial planning schemes by branches of the Russian economy
  • Development of new methods for obtaining, processing and geoinformation analysis of spatiotemporal data for the purpose of rational use of natural resources, effective management of territories and the use of near-Earth space
  • Integrated geoinformation mapping and assessment of the impact of pollution sources on the state of the Russian environment
  • Automated calculations and mapping in GIS of the statistical characteristics of the Mercury relief
  • Study of the influence of climatic conditions on the formation of slope bands on Mars
  • Development of the concept of a printed version of the teachers geographical atlas
  • Multifractal analysis and modeling of the dynamics of changes in the Arctic ice topography objects based on satellite imagery
  • Development of an ontological approach to object-oriented classification of images obtained by remote sensing methods
  • Development of a methodology for the production of complex gradient measurements to obtain corrections for the influence of vertical refraction in electronic total station measurement
  • Research and development of a technology for spatial analysis of data from wireless distributed networks of intelligent sensors (geosensors) for the quantitative assessment of the contribution of microparticle pollution sources for the purpose of geoinformation environmental monitoring of natural and economic systems in real time.
  • Creation of a global catalog of Mercury craters for basic research of the planet and other planets
  • Development of proposals for selenodesic support of LNSS. Development of initial data for determining the appearance of a promising global system for monitoring geodetic parameters of the Earth
  • Implementation of the pilot project: "Development of a hardware and software complex for ionospheric monitoring&quot
  • Creation of a hardware and software complex for trans-ionospheric sounding
  • Automated lineament analysis of zonal satellite images
  • A set of NTRS for the development of recommendations for obtaining permits for the construction (reconstruction) of capital construction projects created or created on land plots located within the boundaries of the NP
  • Performing research on the processes of state preparation and provision of spatial data in the Russian Federation
  • Operation of the basic elements of the system of validation subsatellite observations for space complexes of remote sensing of the Earth for natural resources, cartographic purposes and monitoring of emergency situations in the part of the set of radial mir
  • Conducting geodetic survey of aeronautical landmarks (ANO) and obstacles (high-altitude objects) within the aerodrome territory
  • Development of proposals and scientific bases for improving the regulatory framework and educational potential of the event. geodetic and cartographic works using the GLONASS system in the digital economy&quot
  • Justification of the requirements for the study of deformation processes
  • Works on geodetic survey of air navigation facilities
  • Delivery of the "Array of Gravimetric data" for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
  • Automated lineament analysis of thermal satellite images
  • Work on the preparation of up-to-date open electronic cartographic materials for the territories of 12 cities participating in the experiment on emission quotas and the addition of these electronic maps with semantic information about the population and socially significant objects (objects of social infrastructure)