The University enrolls foreign citizens to study at 7 faculties in 24 majors and provides them with higher technical education, awards Bachelor`s or Master`s degrees. The course of training lasts for 5 years. Doing a Bachelor`s degree course takes 4 years, Master’s degree – 2 years.
Before starting training at the University, foreigners are to study at the Preparatory Faculty for one year to learn Russian and improve their knowledge in physics and mathematics. Students with proper knowledge of physics and mathematics and speaking fluent Russian may study without attending the Preparatory Faculty.
Foreign citizens can be assigned to study at the University by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia at the budget`s expense or they can study under Contracts in this case they themselves reimburse all expenses. To study at the basic faculties the candidates are to produce a legalized copy of their secondary education certificate (Secondary School Certificate), a health certificate, a certificate of passing a Russian Language examination, and to have an interview. The academic year at the University is divided into two academic terms: the 1-st one lasts from September to January; the 2-nd one lasts from February to June.
Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography gives foreign students much opportunity to do Bachelor`s degrees and to continue their studies for two or three years more to get a Master`s degree.
Post-graduation training at the University is allowed to all foreign students having a Diploma of Specialist (Engineer) or Master’s Degree Certificate issued by higher educational institutions in the relevant field of knowledge and industry.
Every foreign student is provided with comfortable accommodation. The University can also help the student rent a flat in the city.
MIIGAiK provides foreign students with training at postgraduate courses taking 3 to 4 years, a PhD`s degree can be conferred on the student. It is also possible to carry out research. The trainees have access to all necessary laboratories and equipment for their research in the domain of their choice. They are always supervised by highly qualified scientists and experts.
The MIIGAiK will also be happy to welcome you if you want only to speak fluent Russian. The University has been observing the tradition of humanistic education since its foundation. Russian and Russian literature were taught here by the famous figures of Russian culture S.T. Aksakov, V.G. Belinsky and others.
Highly qualified, energetic and patient teachers of the Department of the Russian Language, having a great experience in work with foreigners with various mother tongues, will do their best to make you speak Russian fluently or improve your level if you speak it a little.
The University can provide you with individual or group learning, comfortable accommodation and arrange your entertainment in Moscow. The term of the language courses is from 1 month to 1 year, as you wish.
Detailed information on specialties and terms of training can be furnished by MIIGAiK representatives or directly by the International Department of the University.