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Изучение и картографирование почв и ландшафтов полуострова Весловский (остров Кунашир, Курильские острова)

М.Ю. Грищенко, В.И. Гаврилова, А.М. Карпачевский, А.Ю. Петровская, Г.М. Леонова

Страницы: 63-69

Аннотация. Статья посвящена изучению п-ва Весловский (о. Кунашир, Курильские острова), находящегося в охранной зоне Государственного природного заповедника «Курильский». На основе результатов детальных полевых почвенных и ландшафтных исследований составлены крупномасштабные (масштаб 1:10 000) почвенная и ландшафтная карты.

Ключевые слова: ландшафтные карты, остров Кунашир, почвенные карты, Южные Курилы, Kunashir island, landscape maps, soil maps, South Kurils

Detailed research and mapping of the soils and the landscapes of the Veslovsky peninsula (Kunashir, Kuril islands)

M.Y. Grishchenko, V.I. Gavrilova, A.M. Karpachevskiy, A.Y. Petrovskaya, G.M. Leonova

Pages: 63-69

Summary. The Veslovsky peninsula (Kunashir island, Kuril islands), located in the buffer zone of the Kurilsky state nature reserve has been taken as a target of the research. It is 8 km long accumulative sand bar jutting into the waters of the Izmeny strait, intensively increasing due to sediment brought by ocean currents. Like the rest of the Kunashir island, the Veslovsky peninsula is rather an underinvestigated land. In July of 2014 field surveys of soil and landscape were carried out on its territory. Soil and landscape maps (scale 1:10 000) with the basis on the results of these surveys were made. It was revealed that two parts can be clearly allocated on the Veslovsky peninsula. They are: the older northern and younger south. In the northern part of the Veslovsky peninsula sub-horizontal surface abrasion-accumulative alluvial and marine terraces, complicated by sand barriers of different heights, with Hemerocallis esculenta and Rosa rugosa meadows on the soddy soils are presented. In the southern part of the Veslovsky flat abrasion-accumulative and marine alluvial sand terraces between the barriers with marshy Carex lyngbyei and Juncus ambiguus meadows on the saturated psammozems are common and concave reduced. There are ancient barriers everywhere on the peninsula. Their shape and location help to reveal the timeline of the Veslovsky peninsula. Maps can be used for monitoring of geosystems of this rapidly changing territory. Moreover, a detailed study of the Veslovsky peninsula is important in regard to study the birds migration, due to an important role of the peninsula is an intermediate point.

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